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Divergence Marketing Analysis & Strategy

Analysis & Strategy

By analysing your goals, your target audience, your ideas, your competition and budget. We can then design and build a website with an integrated marketing plan that is specific to the needs of your business.

By considering the unique aspects of your organization, we provide the tools to reach your goals and engage your customers

A successful web strategy must be based on an intelligent business plan. Together, we will set goals and benchmarks, we will review results and track success.

We will provide support and training to facilitate integration within your business model. We offer e-Commerce solutions that are based on an Internet Sales Strategy. Online shops that are "brick and click".




Alvaro de la Fuente
Clinique Dentaire Île Perrot

"In order to set-up a web page it takes much more than just knowing the technical computer side of things. The website must also attract and keep potential clients coming back to your site. This is easier said than done. Joseph has many years of experience in marketing so he knows this side of the business really well. This I found crucial in making my website appealing to customers. His company Divergence Marketing offers a great package of technical/computer skills with marketing know how."

March 19, 2012

Johanne Pothier
Administrateur à l'AQPAMM

"Joseph is the only person who took the time to explain what we needed and how to go about it. Not only does he understand the intricacy of how to maximize your website position, Joseph goes beyond the call of duty, because he knows sales strategy and how it all works. Not only does he take the time to explain how the web works and how to maximizes your penetration in the market, he also makes sure that you as a client understand your role. He is able to tell you what you need to know in order for you to do what you need to do but he also explains to you what is available to work with. He is generous with his time and his information. He looks after your best interest at all times. He is by far one of the best consultant I have ever had the pleasure to work with."

March 8, 2012